Aremu Olatunde

I narrowed my burping thoughts like a stream lost in the navel of this piercing quandary. 

I spat the light of empathy on every spectre of despair  as I parcel virtual embraces across  the web cluttered  subways of  friendships, torn apart  by  social distancing,

I scorned, with Netflix, the abrasive stares of boredom during the quarantine.

I grin to the melodious epiphany of my old pockets safeguarding the monies I once thought lost.

gasped at the magnanimity of obstreperous philanthropists

and the drowning hashtags of resistance on Twitter.

I lost my cold feet to the inferno of agitation against police brutality and all perverse form of democracy 

And still, leap at the crass idea of adopting the sun as a pet at the end of this carnivorous pandemic.

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